Exhibiting Information

Why Participate?

Find inspiration.
Meet exceptional people.
Transform your business.

Your participation at Syria HiTech 2024 will position you among tens of industry leaders in the domain of technology, ICT, and telecommunication solutions, as it represents an important event in this vital market considering the variety of companies in terms of specialization, and as it attracts a large volume of specialized attendees. Syria HiTech 2024 will provide a real opportunity for exhibiting companies and visitors to conduct business and exchange expertise in this fast-growing, promising market, and will represent the ideal gateway for local, Arab, and international companies to enter the Syrian market by exhibiting their products and innovations in this domain.


Facts and Figures

An exhibition is the only marketing medium that allows you to
  1. Meet face to face with your target audience
  2. Launch and introduce new products to the market
  3. Generate local and foreign sales leads
  4. Perform informal market research
  5. Build and maintain relationships with potential and existing costumers
  6. Build and reinforce your brand and image in the market
  7. Generate new business
  8. Get to know your competitors up close and personal.
Exhibitors’ main objective from exhibiting at HiTech
  1. Increasing sales; 41%
  2. Acquiring a new agency; 17%
  3. Meeting new clients; 68%
  4. Entering the Syrian market; 21%
  5. Making business deals during the exhibition; 41%
  6. Promoting a trademark; 68%
  7. Strengthen the company’s position in the market; 62%
  8. Studying the market; 38%
  9. Advertising for new products or services; 48%